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Align point cloud

This is how you align multiple projects in one project group.

Click on the right side of the interface to enter the project alignment interface.

Align Mode Instruction Note
Choose Feature Alignment and click Apply, alignment will be performed automatically. Regular shaped objects (circular objects and square objects included) or small sized objects are not suitable for this mode.
Manually choose at least 3 common points in the fixed window and floated window. Click Apply to align. - The chosen points should NOT in a line.
- Manual alignment is a supplement to feature alignment, which can solve the problem of feature alignment failures such as some areas with few common areas or extremely similar areas. The data is aligned by the best fit of all points of the data in the floated viewport and the fixed viewport.
If the currently selected project is a marker project, the marker alignment can be performed. The software will automatically align according to the mark points. The two projects have no less than 3 common markers each other.
Select two project files and manually select multiple (≥3) markers for alignment. - The selection of markers should be as separate and random as possible.
- The selected markers will be cleared after aligning.


You should generate point cloud before doing align.