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Navigation Description
Device Displays the device status: online / offline
Calibration Click to start calibration.
Scan Into scan process.
Post Processing Into post processing after generating the point cloud, includes mesh and mesh editing.
Measurement Use the software to measure your model.

Settings and feedback


Function Description
Official Website Open the official website of Shining 3D to learn about the company’s products and information.
Facebook Enter Shining 3D’s Facebook to view product introduction and other operations.
Support Platform Enter Shining 3D’s support platform to view product introduction and other operations.


Function Description
User Experience To help us improve the quality and user experience of the device, we hope to be allowed to collect usage experience information. This information will not contain your personal information or scanned data and will not be accessible to any third party.
Factory Default All settings can be restored to the initial settings, and the software will automatically restart.
Language Select another language here.
About View related software release information, contact information, etc.


Function Description
Calibration Guide Checked by default, will display video guide in calibration.
User Manual Open a browser to show user manual.
Teamviewer The quick access to remote assistance. Send the ID and password in the pop-up window to the technical supporters for remote assistance.

Other component

Component Description
Camera Window
This is the camera window in scan process. Show one by default, you can open other camera windows through Right-click menu.
Project Group
Here you can manage your project group, for more detail please refer to Project and project group.
Scan Setting
Here you can set the parameter when scanning, for more detail please refer to Scan Setting.
Project Information
In this area, you can check the project information and computer information.
Working distance indicator
Indicate working distance between the scanner and the object.
Green: proper
Red: too close
Blue: too far
Edit Please refer to Data edit.
Sidebar Please refer to Scan function.