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When new software is released, you will get prompted when launching the software. If the firmware in the software is newer than that in the scanner, you will get prompted too.

Firmware upgrade

The firmware is running on the scanner, it will be upgraded for better performance, stability or bug fixing.


Make sure that the device is powered on during the upgrade; avoid interruption of the upgrade due to power cuts.

When the scanner is connected, the software will automatically detect the firmware. If the firmware does not match, it will prompt you to upgrade the firmware. Click Yes to upgrade.

Software upgrade

Software upgrade is to optimize software performance, add new functions or bug fixing.


The software will be closed during upgrading, please save your projects properly before upgrading.

It is highly recommended to use the latest version of software. If not, a reminder will pop up immediately when you launch the software.

Click Download Now will download the new installation package in the background, you can continue using the software. Please do not close the software before the download has finished. Once it finished, the following prompt will show.
Click Yes to start the installation of the new version.