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Project setting

Einstar support two scan modes: Portrait scan, Object scan.

You need to choose scan mode when you create the project. With different scan mode, the settings below will be different.


You can select Medium and large object1 or small object2 under object scan mode.


Scan Mode Alignment Instruction
Portrait Scan - Features
- Texture
- Hybrid
Hybrid alignment here means feature alignment plus texture alignment.
Object Scan - Features
- Texture
- Hybrid
- Global Markers
- When select Global Markers alignment, if global marker file not import, you need to scan global marker file first.
- Hybrid alignment here means feature alignment plus marker alignment.
- Small object scan not support Global Markers alignment.

FEATURE ALIGNMENT uses object geometric features for auto aligning during scanning. Rich features on the object are required for this mode.

TEXTURE ALIGNMENT uses objects surface texture to align the scans. Texture Scan is required to select if you want to use texture align.

GLOBAL MARKERS ALIGNMENT uses global markers file to help align the scans. You may add a existed global markers file or scan one.

HYBRID ALIGNMENT uses features, texture or markers to align the scans. Use the function to avoid alignment error in some target parts. By this alignment, we don’t need to place the markers all over the part, but only on the region where has less geometry.


Scan Mode Resolution Instruction
Portrait Scan 0.2mm~3.0mm 1.0mm by default
Object Scan 0.2mm~3.0mm
0.1mm~0.5mm(Small object)
0.5mm by default
0.2mm by default(Small object)


  • With smaller setting value, you will get more detail, but will lead to larger file size and longer processing time.

  • Resolution cannot be changed once the project group been created.


Texture Icon Instruction
Texture on will capture texture data
Texture off will not capture texture data


Texture switch cannot be changed once the project group been created.

  1. Object size larger than 200mm X 200mm X 200mm. 

  2. Object size between 100mm X 100mm X 100mm and 200mm X 200mm X 200mm.