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Mesh editing

Left panel

Click + to open each function.

Function Instruction Note
Texture Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted. Confirm to apply, Cancel to restore
Simplification After simplification, the polygon numbers, file size and detail of data will be reduced universally. High level may cause detail loss. Set the ratio from 1 to 100, the default is 0.
Mesh Optimization Mesh optimization can optimize the quality of the data by adding more triangles to curvature regions.
Smooth Smooth the possible noise on the surface of the scan data. It might remove some small details or smooth some sharp edges at the same time. Set the ratio from 1 to 100, the default is 0.
Remove small floating parts Remove small floating parts in the scan data. From 0 to 100% where 100% is the size of the largest mesh island. Smaller islands will be removed. 0 means no operation, 100 is the maximum. The maximum value is the square of the diagonal length of the floating part/10, MAX=(L/10)².
Auto Hole Filling Auto fill every hole with a smaller perimeter than the number input.
Choose Curvature, Tangent or Flat before filling hole.
- FLAT: calculates the solution for the hole filling considering the point position on the boundary.
- TANGENT: calculates the solution considering the point position and the normal of the last row of triangles forming the boundary.
- CURVATURE: calculates the solution considering the point position and the normal of the 2 last rows of triangles forming the boundary.
Manual Hole Filling The hole edges are displayed green and get red after picking. The number of the holes and the number of holes filled will be displayed on the interface. Choose Curvature, Tangent or Flat before picking a hole.
Flip Normal To redefine the front direction of the scanned data in reversal design. Texture mapping will be unavailable after flip Normal
Cutting Plane Tool Define a plane by drawing a straight line. Delete the selection and close the mesh at the intersection. Use the cutting plane to align the mesh to the CSYS.
Mirror Mirror the mesh through a plane defined by a straight line. After mirroring, texture remapping cannot be performed.

Bottom panel

Icon Function Instruction
Select Visible To select data on the front view only.
Select through To select data all through.


The other editing functions are the same as point cloud editing

Right panel

Icon Function Instruction
Open file Open a file (STL, OBJ, PLY) for post processing
Save Data Save scan data.
Sketchfab Upload Use your Sketchfab account to share the model.
Third-party software Save the data and open with third-party software.
Texture remapping After the post-processing, hole filling on texture scanned data will affect the texture render. By doing the texture remapping, the texture information will be reapplied on the mesh.
Show Texture To show / hide texture on screen.